JuggerKnot Soft Anchors in arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation

  • Marwan Sarsam NHS doctor
  • Daniel Morris Royal Derby Hospital
  • Andrew Dekker Royal Derby Hospital
  • David Clark Royal Derby Hospital
  • Amol Tambe Royal Derby Hospital
  • Marius Espag Royal Derby Hospital


Introduction: The JuggerKnot Soft Anchor system was launched in 2009 with novel all suture anchors. The JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 1.5mm has been utilised in arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation in our unit since 2011. Theorised benefits include reduced removal of bone and fewer hardware complications. However, despite promising biomechanical studies, little evidence is available for their success in vivo. Consequently, we performed a service evaluation of implant outcomes in our unit. Methods: Retrospective cohort analysis of all patients in our unit that underwent arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation in which JuggerKnot Soft Anchors were utilised. Exclusion criteria include revision procedure, engaging Hill-Sachs lesion and glenoid bone loss >20%. The outcome measure was failure (dislocation and revision surgery). All patients were asked to complete a current Oxford Instability Score (OIS) via a postal questionnaire. Results: 80 patients underwent arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation utilising a JuggerKnot Soft Anchor. 77 patients met our inclusion criteria. Mean age at the time of surgery was 32 years (range 15-55 years). Mean follow up is 33 months (range 8-84 months). No patient experienced a postoperative dislocation. However, 1 patient experienced subluxation episodes successfully treated with a Latarjet procedure. 2 patients underwent revision stabilisation due to pain. Consequently, the failure rate was 4%. Mean current OIS result is 38 (n=58). 78% report a good or excellent result. Conclusion: This series supports the ongoing use of JuggerKnot Soft Anchors in arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation. The failure rate of 4% compares favourably with that previously reported in the literature. The patient reported outcome measure suggests favourable results in the majority of patients. 


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